True health is a balance of mind, body and spirit. Ancient wisdom and modern science offer us a wealth of ways to support our holistic well being. It’s this balance that keeps us mentally, emotionally and physically healthy, allowing us to be the best version of ourselves. Try a few or all of these ideas over the winter season to see which ones work for you.

1. Take a bath

Hot baths help you sink into a deep breathing rhythm and let go of your worries. They are also a great way to flush out the winter flu if you’ve been unlucky enough to catch it. Try adding some flowers, essential oils, magnesium salts or a bath bomb!

2. Go for a walk

The cooler weather makes us want to stay inside but we should really be doing the opposite. One of the best things you can for your mental and physical health is getting out in the crisp air and go for a walk.

3. Light candles

Candles will enhance the ambience of the room, giving it a calming and warm energy as well as giving your eyes a well deserved break from the computer screen, allowing you to sink into a state of peacefulness.

4. Swim in the ocean

Throwing yourself into the ocean will snap any bad energy out of you and bring you straight back down to earth.

5. Try energetic healing

If you’ve only ever heard of energetic healing and are not quite sure what it is, ease into it by treating yourself to a 30 minute Reiki session this winter to break any bad cycle you may have fallen into.

6. Engage in conversations

Winter can be a time of low social activity however if you’re feeling a bit blue, try talking about something you care deeply about, to someone you care deeply about.

7. Be anti-social

On the flip side of that coin, winter is a great season to nourish your alone time and really get in tune with yourself. What are you doing well and what needs nurturing?

8. Cook something healthy

Nourish your body with homemade, healthy meals. Whether you hate cooking or not, try eating non processed food for a week and you will notice a difference in your energy and mood levels.

9. Journal

Journalling is a great way to organise thoughts and clear your mind. Try doing it once a day for a week. An alternative to regular journalling is dream journalling, an interesting way to explore your brain while its on autopilot.

10. Do nothing

Most of us fear doing nothing until we realise there is nothing to fear. Getting comfortable with nothing allows room for unforeseen discomfort.

This article was written by freelance writer, Lachlan Cornell