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Byron Bay and surrounding area

‘To experience a Ka Huna with Addy is transforming. She is extraordinary, and puts her everything into her treatments. I call her the “High Priestess of Ka Huna”.’ – Deon Demouche
‘Addy is a true healer. She goes above and beyond for her clients, and is an inspiration to everyone she meets.’ – Skye Ramsay

Addy is passionate about her work and her clients’ wellbeing. Her style of massage is unique, energetically vibrant, yet deeply relaxing.

Ka Huna bodywork consists of long fluid strokes of varying intensity and rhythm, as well as applying slow, deep pressure on points in your body where you are holding tension. It allows for soft or deep-tissue massage, depending on what the client requires. Addy always provides a beautifully nurturing, sacred, healing and intuitive temple-style Ka Huna massage.

Soul connection, raw and exquisite… whether you are needing to release trauma, emotional pain or physical discomfort… It is the perfect way to nourish your body, mind and soul, leaving you feeling rejuvenated, inspired and completely reconnected to self.

Addy Duffey Ka Huna Bodywork & Massage
Suffolk Park
0459 467 722

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