Byron Shire

  • Alisa teaches meditation that is simple to learn, effortless to practice, yet profoundly effective.
  • Suitable for everyone including beginners and people with restless minds.
  • Designed to effortlessly release stress and fatigue from the mind and body.
  • Life-affirming – enhances wellbeing, clarity and connection to self and others.

Alisa has a deep passion for empowering others to enrich their health and wellbeing by sharing practices that can profoundly impact the way we connect to ourselves, each other and the world around us.

With a background in occupational therapy, yoga and ongoing study with Master teachers of meditation, Alisa’s offerings are infused with life experience, warmth and honesty.

Alisa facilitates group and private Learn to Meditate Courses using an elegantly simple, yet transformative technique that is suitable for everyone. Students learn to meditate without dependence on guided recordings, apps or ongoing instruction. This practice requires no focus or control of the mind, whilst effortlessly allowing the mind to transcend thought, promoting deep rest, recovery and rejuvenation of the nervous system.

Alisa Clarke Meditation
Accredited Advanced Teacher of the 1Giant Mind Being
Meditation Technique, Yoga Teacher
0418 120 637