Everyone is invited to join singer-songwriter and cancer survivor Timothy James Bowen, and his special guests, for a virtual Daffodil Day concert presented by Cancer Council on Friday 27 August.

Organisers say the concert, which will be screened on Facebook at 12.30pm Friday AEST, is an opportunity for the community to spread hope, honour loved ones affected by cancer and raise money for vital cancer research.

As well as Timothy James Bowen (of The Voice fame), viewers will be treated to performances from Nashville’s Clare Bowen, ARIA award winners Josh Pyke and Fanny Lumsden, and singer-songwriter Ngaiire.

The Daffodil Day concert is free, but donations are very welcome.

Timothy James Bowen teaming up with Cancer Council

Different Daffodil Day in 2021

Cancer Council NSW Fundraising Unit Lead Jennifer Birks said that with Cancer Council’s flagship Daffodil Day stalls cancelled in NSW due to COVID-19, the cancer charity was relying on the Australian community to support the iconic day in different ways.

‘Our flagship stalls are one of the most important ways that the community choose to support Daffodil Day, both through donations and by purchasing fresh daffodils,’ she said.

‘If you are one of the wonderful people who would usually purchase fresh daffodils, we’re counting on you to show your flower power in a different way and help save Daffodil Day,’ said Ms Birks.

‘This Daffodil Day, take thirty minutes out of your day to enjoy world-class music, help share hope and support a cancer free future.’

Timothy James Bowen

Exciting opportunity

Timothy James Bowen was diagnosed with stage 4B blood cancer in 2015 and stole the nation’s heart when he reached the top eight on The Voice in 2020.

Mr Bowen said his wife, Christina, was a remarkable support for him during his battle with cancer. He also credits music with helping get through the incredibly tough times.

‘When Cancer Council asked me to help with a virtual concert during lockdown, I jumped at the chance to create something beautiful for people impacted by cancer. I put the call out to some really fantastic, talented artists, and I’ve been so thrilled with the response,’ said Mr Bowen.

‘I’m excited for the community to get to see these incredible artists perform, hear some of their experiences and how they’ve been affected by cancer, and help us raise awareness and some much needed funds for cancer research,’  he said.

For more information on the Daffodil Day Appeal, visit www.daffodilday.com.au/.