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Blue Knot Foundation, the National Centre of Excellence for Complex Trauma, is a non-profit organisation focused on helping the estimated one in four Australian adults who are survivors of childhood trauma.

They offer a range of programs designed to empower recovery and build resilience for adults impacted by complex trauma, by:

  • supporting survivors (and those who support them)
  • conducting trauma training (for workers, volunteers and professional practitioners)
  • building a trauma-informed community (helping people understand the nature of trauma, its impacts and possibilities for recovery)
  • using research and practice evidence to inform complex trauma treatment, including child sexual abuse

Blue Knot Day

Each October, Blue Knot Day puts a special focus on the possibilities of healing for adult survivors of complex trauma.

This year’s theme was ‘a festival of healing’, with organisers providing ‘the connection, tools, stories, engagement and inspiration to make October 28 a day of hope and healing.’

If you missed the online event, it’s not too late to catch up with what happened via Facebook or YouTube.

Blue Knot Foundation is also able to offer redress application support for survivors of institutional child sexual abuse, and can assist people living with a disability and their carers who have experienced abuse or exploitation.

The organisation’s key values are empowerment, professionalism, hope, recovery, collaboration and care.

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Help available

With many human services organisations noticing an increasing need for their services since COVID, Blue Knot Foundation offers a range of resources which can help the helpers.

If you’ve experienced childhood trauma personally, you can speak with a Blue Knot Helpline trauma counsellor on 1300 657 380 (Mon-Sun, 9-5) or get in touch at any time via email:

Find out more here.