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Boaties all swear there’s nothing better than being in a boat. Now there’s some evidence they might be right.

The research of award-winning marine biologist Dr Wallace Nichols suggests that getting out on the water in a boat has significant physiological and psychological benefits.

Dr Nicholls has found that with everyone’s lives getting increasingly busy and stressed, boating is the perfect way to unwind and relax.

His research suggests that there are significant cognitive, emotional, psychological, social, physical, and spiritual benefits to be derived from contact with healthy waters and oceans.

Dr Nichols has identified that the mere sight and sound of water promotes wellness, by lowering cortisol (the stress hormone) and increasing serotonin, dopamine and oxytocin (feel-good hormones).

As a result, being on the water promotes physiological and psychological benefits that help manage trauma, anxiety, sleep, autism, addiction, fitness, attention/focus, stress, grief, PTSD, while also building personal resilience.

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Water is life

Water covers over 71 per cent of the planet. Human brains are 75% water and our bodies are 60% water.

Oceans and waterways give us half of our oxygen, provide people with jobs and food, hold the majority of Earth’s biodiversity, drive climate and weather, regulate temperature, and are the sole source of hydration and hygiene for humanity throughout history.

Keeping waterways healthy, clean, accessible, and biodiverse is critical to human health and wellbeing.

According to Dr Nichols, ‘Being on a boat is one of the best ways to access the wellness benefits of the water.’

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National Boating Week

The weekend of 3-4 October is the unofficial start of the boating season in Australia, and National Boating Week runs until 2 October.

Just launched is, an information portal to help guide Australians with boating-related information, education and entertainment.

This year, National Boating Week coincides with National Safe Boating Week, organised by the Australia New Zealand Safe Boating Education Group (ANZSBEG).

Their focus is on educating the public to understand that safe boating means knowing the limits of your vessel. They urge boaters to ensure that your vessel is seaworthy and appropriate for what you’re doing before you go out.

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