Byron Bay Region

  • Life coaching for women to achieve your goals with ease and create positive change.
  • Counselling to enjoy healthy relationships, heal your emotional wounds and express yourself with integrity.
  • Workshops empowering women to gain clarity, courage and confidence and handle difficult situations with grace.

Bridgit Pearl is a life coach and holistic counsellor who enables women to manifest their ideas and create positive change in their life. At the Women’s Wisdom School, she offers counselling and workshops supporting women in summoning their inner strength to truly be themselves. Bridgit creates a safe and nurturing space for women to relax and get in touch with their deep inner feelings and express themselves honestly with self-confidence and ease.

Having designed workshops specifically for women over 45, Bridgit offers professional guidance and support in a transformational process. You learn how to use a crisis as opportunity for personal growth and positive change. Bridgit’s skills allow her clients to be self-expressed, to be comfortable in who they truly are, and she inspires them to step up into their highest self and personal strength.

Women’s Wisdom School
10, 21–23 Tasman Way, Byron Bay Arts & Industry Estate
0403 747 442
[email protected]