Ocean Shores, Bangalow, online

‘If the eyes are the window to the soul …
the voice is the soul being heard.’

  • Increase vocal power, stamina and range … empower your voice and presence in the world.
  • Relax and align with nourishing touch and sound.
  • Sessions, workshops and retreats.

Blending a strong technical foundation with an intuitive approach, Carmelle Moore draws on over thirty years’ experience working with voices as a speech pathologist. Sessions develop from comprehensive assessment and provide you with individualised processes, insights and tools to ‘find your voice’ or address your specific vocal needs.

Carmelle’s unique voice therapy combines vocal techniques, mindfulness, voice dialogue and subtle yoga practices. Even a single session can powerfully improve your vocal projection, performance and confidence.

Craniosacral balancing works with the fascia and nervous system and is highly effective for reducing stress, relieving headaches, jaw, neck and throat tension.

Carmelle accompanies this deeply restorative treatment with a richly resonant soundscape, bringing clarity and lightness of being. Sessions held in a healing sanctuary with ocean views.

Carmelle Moore B.App.Sc.Sp.Path, C.P.S.P., MSPA
0422 360 909
[email protected]