‘Chloe made me feel so calm and comfortable, I was able to talk about things I haven’t been comfortable expressing in the past. The treatment itself was so relaxing. I felt so clear and focused afterwards. I would highly recommend this treatment, I feel my best, energised and clear of negativity.’ – CD

Chloe is the founder and director of Be Well Clinics. With a passion for whole body health and holistic healing, Chloe believes there is no ‘one size fits all’ solution to healthcare and therefore each of her clients is treated as an individual and their treatment is tailored to them personally.

Chloe specialises in a holistic needle therapy, (chakra-puncture), that implements the use of Japanese acupuncture needles. By addressing the underlying energetic blockages in the body Chloe leads her clients to true wellbeing – whole body and mind health.

If you are struggling with anxiety, constant worry, stress, on-going illness, pain, digestion issues, chronic fatigue, depression, simply feel like you’re running on empty or need support recovering from chemotherapy or surgery book in to see Chloe and find your way to back to your wellbeing.

Chloe Malouf Dowse Dip CP
Shop 1, 6 Wilfred Street, Billinudgel
0490 355 224
[email protected]