• 25 years’ experience in detoxification and internal cleansing.
  • Parasite, candida and other detox programs available.
  • Longer supportive sessions for deeper release on all levels.

Vitalis Health and training centre is a state-of-the-art colon hydrotherapy clinic established by naturopath Ela Gold. Practitioners use the Gold Standard of Holistic Colon Hydrotherapy, a unique treatment program developed over 20 years which incorporates reflexology, acupressure, Ayurveda and various massage techniques to move water gently throughout the colon. This provides a relaxing and deep cleansing experience, which also helps patients to clear old seated emotions with their release.

Practitioners understand the connection between bowel movements and overall health. Through poopology, the study of faecal matter, they have the ability to identify and address candida, parasites or any other digestive problems. Being on the forefront of research about gut health and the importance of a healthy microbiome is what sets Vitalis Health apart. Servicing the North Coast since 2001.

Colon Hydrotherapy Centre – Vitalis Health
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