‘Let’s focus on what’s going to support the love, the caring. What’s going to support kindness and compassion. Whatever we give our attention to is likely to grow, so much better we put our attention to those things than fear.’

Mike Booth, Chairman Aura-Soma

We may be isolating ourselves in the physical sense, but now more than ever we must reach out and reach in. We must connect, outwardly and inwardly. Be kind to ourselves and others. For where the mind goes, energy flows. And never more than in times of adversity, does compassion prevail.

Connect inwards 

Remember: a deep and eternal reservoir of peace lies within you. An awareness that, when you quieten the chatter of your mind, connects you to all things – feeding you a direct line of strength, wisdom and resilience.


Regularly stop and connect with your breath for a few moments. Feel it coming in and out of your nostrils, don’t try to change it – just observe it. Notice how your mind quietens for just a moment.

Keep a diary

Writing in a stream of consciousness can lead us to better self-understanding. We’re living in unprecedented times, diarise all those important changes you have made that you can look back proudly on in the future.

Set a daily intention

At the start of each day – it will help refocus you and keep you aligned with your values while boosting the energy you emit to others.

Connecting outwards

Now more than ever we face realising just how social a species we truly are. We may be isolated, but we can still connect and commit ourselves to small acts of kindness.

Reach out to friends, family and colleagues

Discover Zoom, connect on Skype and FaceTime so you can ‘virtually’ cook together, laugh together, do quizzes together, support each other.

Connect with your children

There’s no better gift for a child than a present parent. Give yourself the gift too of meeting them in their own joy, allow your inner-child a little playfulness – you never know, you might just be making some of the best memories they’ll ever have.

Reach out to your local community

What can you do to help others? Not only will you be doing your bit, by focussing on others you’ll help reduce your own stress levels.

Love, the Aura-Soma Team