Emma Bellamy

After taking a break for the COVID-19 lockdown, Bangalow-based crystal bed healer Emma Bellamy is taking bookings again and preparing to re-open fully on July 20.

As Emma explains it, ‘this gentle, profoundly powerful therapy realigns our human bio-field, bringing us back into harmony with who we really are,’ and assisting with emotional difficulties as well as physical and spiritual challenges.

Emma Bellamy’s light bed contains seven clear quartz crystals. The therapy takes place fully clothed.

‘When you lie down, a crystal is aligned with each of your chakras,’ Emma explains. ‘Your eyes are covered and you are guided through a meditation while the machine is switched on. Then coloured light pulses through the crystals corresponding with the light of the chakras.’

The idea is to harmonise and balance the body’s electromagnetic field. With natural balance restored, Emma says her clients heal faster, sleep better and gain energy, purpose and focus.

Crystal light bed

What will I feel?

Emma says, ‘Most people enter a deeply soothing, meditative state. “Beautiful” is the word that comes to mind. It is common to feel an openness and connection to our Earth, each other and the Universe.

‘Some receive internal guidance about their health, their relationships or the way they are living. Some people wriggle and feel the need to readjust; some people feel nothing but peacefulness… the experience is totally individual and unique to you and your life experiences.’

Crystal light beds originated with the work of the medium João Texeira de Faria (or John of God as he is often known), at the Casa de Dom Onacio de Loyola, in Brazil. Emma Bellamy has been to the Casa herself and has been granted permission to use this technology.

Emma says that it all comes down to personal energy fields, which are affected by spiritual, emotional and spiritual issues. She describes the chakras as ‘openings for energy to flow in and out of the bio-field. As a result they are the perfect points to direct healing energy towards.’

In regard to the use of clear quartz, Emma says it can ‘aid and amplify your intentions and actions. You have to use your free will to choose a better path, higher purpose or new beautiful reality. And once you have made this choice it amplifies and assists you.’

You can read testimonials from Emma’s clients and find out more about how she can help at emmabellamy.com.

In addition to her crystal bed healing work, Emma also does workshops, ceremonies and awakenings.