Our top five steps

Whether it’s that daily tension in your shoulders, the heart-pounding that just won’t stop, the work-life-kids juggle or just trying to find a parking space – stress can spike up and whittle us down so that before we know it, it’s become our new normal. But by incorporating Aura-Soma into our lives we can enjoy wellness and a greater sense of calm every day.

Grounding morning exercise

Protection, dedication, meditation…

Building ten minutes into your morning routine to ground yourself will help restore balance to your emotional and physical being, allowing you to navigate your way through your day with heightened ease and emotional agility. 

  • Protection

Sit comfortably and begin your Pomander sequence, allowing its vibrational qualities to energise, strengthen and protect your aura.

  • Dedication

As you move through the sequence set your intention for the day.

  • Meditation

Close your eyes softly and tune into your breath as you hold that intention. Start your day refreshed and grounded.


Get into nature

Taking time to connect with green spaces has proven health benefits, from reducing the risk of type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease to lowering stress and high blood pressure. And when combined with Aura-Soma’s Archangeloi, the effects can be profoundly restorative and empowering.

Enhance your yoga practice

Yoga has the power to connect us deeply to our body, calming our nervous system and curbing our stress response. When practised in conjunction with any of the Aura-Soma systems, we can further facilitate the flow of positive energy around the body.

On-the-go support, when stress-levels spike

We know what it’s like… That presentation, that flight, that conversation – sometimes we all need a quick SOS-fix to help keep us balanced and calm in a stressful situation. Reduce your fight-or-flight response and help still a whirring mind with our Equilibrium Pocket Rescues.

  • Use as and when you need extra support – they’re hand-luggage friendly and small enough to always be by your side.

Practise daily affirmations

Said to yourself throughout the day, affirmations can be a powerful way to affect positive change, which is why we suggest combining them with your Equilibrium of choice to improve confidence and support your emotional wellbeing.

  • Allow your affirmation to become your daily mantra as your Equilibrium permeates you on a deep level and connects you to consciousness