Breathing with Tigers

Flow through the full moon with seven days of movement, meditation, asana, mantra, dance, pranayama and ayurveda. An incredible immersive training to awaken the body and mind. This course can be accredited to the Shiva Rea 200hr Prana Vinyasa teacher training

With guest musician Benny Holloway, this incredible retreat will include a ritual flow and wave sequences to awaken the body and mind, and listen.

Just as the tigers do, we’ll move from natural intelligence and discover the innate knowing that’s in all of us. The idea being that when we truly live in the here and now, the best moments of life are lived.

Practices will include:

  • Inner listening, strength and sacred grounding through pranams and root/evolutionary namaskars
  • Vira Prana Flow: dynamic and energetic vinyasa sequences, positively challenging for all levels
  • Circular Body warm-ups in Kalarippayatu
  • Wave Sequencing Principles for embodying creative and intelligent flow
  • Body Mudra – transformation of posture into inner vibrating power
  • Prana Danda Yoga: a meditative and powerful yoga that uses a 5-foot, semi-flexible staff to promote alignment, rhythmic entrainment, and steadiness
  • Rhythm Core – strength training through the cultivation of core intelligence and rhythm play
  • PranaFlow – Self-massage flow based on Ayurvedic Abhyanga integrated for longevity, embodied knowledge, physical and subtle body flow
  • Inner Meditative Arts of Mudra, Mantra and Pranayama for inner re-generation
  • Solar-Lunar Prana Flow Wellness approach to movement alchemy to integrate into your practice, your teaching, and your daily life

All levels, students and teachers welcome!

This retreat is Prana Vinyasa certified.

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