This Half-day Face Yoga workshop will help you release tension and pain from the jaw, neck and shoulders and realign your jaw. (TMJ)

Balancing the jaw muscles has a far-reaching impact on such symptoms as migraine, earache, sinus infections, teeth clenching and grinding, Tinnitus, insomnia, neck tension and pain, facial asymmetry and discomfort after major dental work.

It is essential to consider your body posture when resetting your jaw. We will start by realigning your body to build a solid foundation. This is followed by a combination of a gentle yet profound energy balancing technique and physical poses focused on the jaw, temples, face and neck.

After the stress reduction, the TMJ can find its way back to its structural-energetic balance and normal function.

The tranquil setting in the hinterland of Mullumbimby invites you to take time out for yourself.


Place: Mullumbimby Hinterland

Time: Sat 10th of April 10 AM – 2 PM

Cost: $85


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