Online Public Meeting with Eli

April 22, 2021

This meeting will be held entirely online via Zoom.

This event gives everyone an opportunity to sit in on the first session of our Leela School program at no cost or obligation for you.  You can decide after the meeting is over if you would like to stay in the retreat or not.

Public Meetings are an opportunity to gather together and closely investigate the truth underlying our daily life experience. Many people meet Eli for the first time in this community setting. Public Meetings last for about an hour and a half.  They begin with a period of silence, following where Eli will share his direct experience and invite reports and questions from members of the audience.

This is a free online public meeting. CLICK HERE TO REGISTER

Sydney AEST Time:

Friday April 23rd, 10am

US Pacific Time:

Thursday April 22nd, 5pm

EU Amsterdam Time:

Friday April 23rd, 2am


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