In this transformational weekend intensive, positive neuroplasticity and mindfulness expert, Michael Bartura, will help you clarify your unique purpose, define your aspirations for the year ahead, and cultivate a sustainable mindset to take positive action in the direction of your goals.

Together with a group of like-minded individuals, you will gain an understanding of the nature of the mind and thoughts, and how to differentiate between authentic goals of the heart and ego-based desires, so you can align your actions congruently with your true nature.

You will also gain insights on how to move forward from an expanded non-attached and open-hearted state, incorporating practical self-care routines to nurture yourself and maintain emotional and physical balance as you work towards daily, weekly, and monthly milestones. You will develop a greater understanding of how to balance your wellbeing, relationship, professional and life goals.

Participants will be further supported by the calming and conducive natural forest environment, purpose-built retreat facilities, contemplative spaces, daily fresh juices, and deeply nourishing plant-based wholefoods at the Yarra Valley Living Centre. Everything is taken care of here, so you can truly immerse yourself, and re-emerge feeling empowered to create new possibilities for your life.