The Leela School of Awakening

True Friend Immersion 12 Day Retreat (US and AU)

April 23rd – May 3rd, 2021

This course is offered entirely online via Zoom

This is the first part of a one year course, offered in three modules. The foundation of this course is to be a True Friend, for yourself and the world. Discovering a silent mind and an open heart, you will be supported in waking up out of the trance of egoic identification.

Based in non-dual insights and the clinical hypnosis certification program Eli ran for many decades, you will absorb and learn different skills for being an awakened guide in the lives of those around you, whether it is family, friends, or clients. Discovering what it means to be a True Friend for yourself and others, you will experience what this means in a practical way, living in the world in skillful harmony.

As part of this immersion course, we will use Eli’s unique insight into what he calls the Enneagram of Character Fixation (very different from the more commonly used Enneagram of Personality). Seeing the fixated structure of ego in ourselves, our relationships, and our clients will cast the world in a completely new light. Insight into the structure of our own character fixation assists in the discovery of our true character, and the difference between ego and essential self.

This course can be taken as the first part of the one year Leela School course, or as a stand-alone retreat. The class is led by Eli and Leela School teachers.

Professional Certification available for 2nd year students.

Tuition: $1500 (AUD)


*For Returning Students only, if you refer and bring with you three or more new students who pay in full for Module 1, you can attend Module 1 for free.  If you bring in 1 or 2 new students, you would pay 1/3 off or 2/3 off tuition respectively. Leela School must be notified of this referral by the student at the time of booking.*

This meeting will be held entirely online in a Zoom format.  More information will be provided to you upon registration.

Online Zoom Schedule (Sydney AEST Time)

Friday April 23rd: Two Meetings 10am and 1pm

Saturday April 24th – Monday April 26th: Three Meetings per day 7am, 10am and 1pm

Tuesday April 27th: One Meeting 7am

Wednesday April 28th – Sunday May 2nd: Three Meetings per day 8am, 12pm and 2:30pm

Monday May 3rd: One Meeting at 8am

Each Meeting Lasts 60-90 minutes


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