Self-reflection bubbled up into human consciousness twenty-five hundred years ago. This question first appeared in our western consciousness at around the same time that Siddhartha was realizing Buddha nature in Asia. Herodotus reports seeing a mystery school in Egypt and over the threshold was written “Know Yourself.” This became a theme of the Greek philosophers with Socrates at his trial declaring, “An unexamined life is not worth living.”

The problem is how to define what we are searching for. Great strides were made by those early Greeks with their explorations of the nature of reality and Self. They realized that what we call “matter” is made up of invisible “atoms.” While Aristotle gave us the first map of the human mind. .

On the other hand, Buddha just sat still. He stopped moving and determined not to move until he realized the truth. He sat for seven days and night.

Thousands of years later, through the transmission of Ramana and Papaji, silence and stopping are the gifts we can now apply in the context of self-inquiry, opening this exploration to everyone. We now have the language and the insights, coupled with the ability to stop and the transmission of silence. We can now more finely make the distinction between who we are and what we are not.

In our time together we will explore, reflect and realize the living possibility of an examined life. Together we will find the traps to freedom, the power of silence and the gateway to a life of true love.

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Tuition: $685 (AUD)

Mullumbimby Civic Memorial Hall
55 Dalley Street
Mullumbimby, NSW Australia

Meeting Schedule:
Thursday November 21st: Opening Meeting at 4pm (Check in between 3:00 and 3:30)
November 22nd, 23rd & 24th: Three meetings each day at 11am, 4pm and 7:30pm
Monday November 25th: Final Meeting at 11am
Each Meeting lasts approximately 60-90 minutes