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    Peak Sentience Coaching Retreats are fully immersive leadership development weekend-long intensives structured to initiate the process of full transformation through science-based methodology and intuitive cultivation of self-awareness and conscious business practices.


    This retreat is designed specifically to enhance and engage the potential in you to inspire and lead through the wisdom of courage, centredness, and resilience – qualities so necessary in our time. Each retreat is unique and tailored to your specific needs and background. The retreats also have an optional program for continued online support and so are suitable for dealing with either a specific life or leadership challenge as well as taking a transformational journey in your leadership development. During the retreat, you will gain insights and a deeper understanding of why and how you show up the way you do in your life and as a leader. Through coaching, you will then develop a manageable baseline practice for your personal and professional needs that will support you to consciously shift beliefs and behaviours which no longer serve you at home or in the workplace.


    Call Michael now for a discovery/breakthrough chat.
    It’s free, it’s fun and it’s your future.
    Michael Bartura
    Asian Leadership Institute Facilitator

    0478 202 989
    [email protected]

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    Mon 28 Sept – Fri 2 Oct 2020

    or Fri 4 Dec - Sun 6 Dec


    Join Michael Bartura for a weekend introduction or a 4-night immersion into Positive Neuroplasticity Training (PNT), as developed by world-renowned neuropsychologist and author, Rick Hanson, PhD.

    In this transformational retreat program, Michael will guide you through the principles of Positive Neuroplasticity and provide you with practical and effective mindfulness tools and strategies to cultivate personal awareness, to identify and understand the brain’s limiting default patterns, and to cultivate a liberated mindset – therefore creating new possibilities for your life!

    • Understand how positive neuroplasticity and mindfulness can help you counter the negative bias we all carry from our earlier evolution when we tried to survive predators;
    • Enjoy a mixture of informative sessions, experiential learning, sharing circles and individual reflection; and connect with like-minded people;
    • Learn and integrate tools for new positive patterns of thinking and a happier, more contented life experience.

    The retreat is facilitated at the world-known Gawler Foundation’s Yarra Valley Living Centre, which is situated on 40 acres of picturesque Australian bushland in Victoria’s beautiful Yarra Valley, a purpose-built retreat centre offering a peaceful sanctuary away from fast-paced modern life – a unique opportunity to immerse in the teachings and focus fully on your own health and wellbeing needs.

    Details & Registration: www.gawler.org/positive-neuro

    Michael Bartura

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