Billinudgel, Burleigh Heads

The Good Skin Clinic’s highly trained professionals are shining the light on a whole new way of addressing skin disease. This exceptionally effective and safe approach means that the prognosis for psoriasis and eczema sufferers, as well as for sufferers of most other skin diseases, has now increased to excellent. No referral necessary.

The Good Skin Clinic is gaining significant international notoriety for the outstanding results they are achieving in the field of dermatology, working with the most serious of skin diseases, psoriasis, eczema, ichthyosis – and the list goes on. They will determine the most likely causative factor, then will focus their efforts on the most efficient and effective areas of therapy for your particular condition.

Their nature-based therapies and medications include the Dr Michaels product range, with its exceptionally high level of scientific validation. As with any medication or therapy, it requires the appropriate protocols to be followed for maximum benefit to be gained. At the Good Skin Clinic we teach our patients the cause of and best treatment for their skin conditions, empowering them to live without the pain and embarrassment of their disease.

Barry Donnelly, Naturopath, Complementary Dermatology
BHSc Comp. Med. Adv. Dip. Nutrition, Adv. Dip. Western Herbal Med., Adv. Dip. Naturopathy, Cert. 2. Kinesiology, Cert.2. Adv. Biomesotherapy/Biopuncture.
Good Skin Clinic: 233 Pocket Road,
Unit 3B, 23 Township Drive, Burleigh Heads
1300 956 566, [email protected]