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Looking for positive change? Ilyia can help you with: physical and emotional pain, anxiety, depression, fatigue, nutrition, relationships, wellbeing and more.
‘Ilyia is a natural healer. She holds a rare mix of grounded presence, a steady mind and a curious, open heart. I believe we all need an holistic health team to support our wellbeing, and Ilyia is a must-have on my list.’ – SC

Neuro-Training Kinesiology combines the latest understanding of neuroscience and traditional Chinese medicine.

During our life we develop ways of thinking about ourselves, responding to experiences and reacting in ways that can sometimes make us sick, stressed or unhappy. Neuro-Training enables us to move beyond the subconscious patterns that our bodies and minds have developed and to create new habits that allow us to respond to life in new and more appropriate ways.

Ilyia will develop a tailored treatment plan, helping you to rediscover your naturally healthy state – mentally, emotionally and physically. Kinesiology is for anyone: adults, adolescents and children, who are experiencing anything, large or small, that’s causing them to feel as if they are not living to their full potential.

Ilyia Davis Dip. Kinesiology, Dip. Neuro-Training, Kinergetics, PSYCH-K
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