Yasmin Lang – Innermost Harmony Massage

Remedial massage was one of the first essential services to be re-opened by the government after COVID-19 struck.

Based in Byron Bay, massage therapist Yasmin Lang has been continuing to help clients who are struggling with aches and pains at this time. She offers treatment in the safety of a warm, nurturing space, protected by all necessary hygiene measures.

With over 30 years experience, Yasmin can assist clients suffering from many challenging health situations, including cancer, arthritis, pregnancy pains, and age-related aches and discomfort. She works with people of all ages and backgrounds.

Yasmin’s other areas of expertise include reflexology, energetic facial release and esoteric massage.

She believes in treating the whole person, and understands that clients are not defined by their health issues.

Is your pain trying to tell you something?

Yasmin explains that ‘pain is often a message that there is something going on underneath’. She supports her clients to look deeper into the symptoms they are experiencing, and consider lifestyle changes to assist in greater healing and renewed vitality.

She assists clients to take stock, stop, and reconnect with their own innermost harmony.

In addition to remedial massage, Yasmin also offers spa treatments and healing holiday packages.

For those with mobility issues who can’t come to her for whatever reason, Yasmin offers a mobile massage service, both for massage and spa treatments, and can work with whole families as well as individuals.

Corporate massage is another popular service Yasmin supplies, with ‘wellness days at your workplace’.

She offers health fund rebates for remedial massage for all private health funds.

Hands on healing

Yasmin says that many clients report feeling ‘deep surrender’ following her massage and healing sessions. As she puts it, ‘In truth everyone craves contact that comes with deep care and no expectations. The quality of hands on healing with energetic integrity is central to the work I do.’

You can find out more about Yasmin Lang and read many enthusiastic testimonials for Yasmin’s work at her website, Yasmin Lang Innermost Harmony Massage.

You can also make a booking via the website, or ring 0437 866 424.