Could taking your children out of the house and be the answer to problems in the home?

A recent survey has shown that taking your kids camping can improve your relationship with your kids your partner and the entire family’s wellbeing.

It’s never easy to decide what to do with your family between school terms and it’s not always economical to go on a huge trip somewhere but camping could be a solution.

Going bush is an option with a backpack and a tent, but for a more luxurious ‘camp’, a caravan is a good way to go.

In addition to being an affordable and enjoyable holiday option, camping trips also have a myriad of positive benefits for families as a recent caravan industry survey shows.

The Caravan Industry Association of Australia’s Real Richness report revealed that 75 per cent of campers feel close to their children compared to 63% of noncampers; 85 per cent  of campers felt close to their spouse compared to 65% of non-campers; 93% of campers believe it brings families closer together; and 92% of campers believe it is fun for the whole family, not just the kids or their parents.

The great things about camping is that everyone lives their own adventure. You might like to read a book all day or you might like to discover nature – there are no rules when it comes to this type of holiday, and without even realising it, camping can be educational for kids.

The report found significant educational advantages to camping trips, with per cent of campers surveyed believing it allows children to learn about the environment.

Ninety-four per cent of the families surveyed agreed that camping trips enable children to engage socially and even 69% of non-campers thought that camping teaches children important life skills.

So there you have it; camping trips could be the perfect way to combine learning, fun, and quality time together as a family on your next holiday break