Gustav Gullstrand on Unsplash

Muhamad Ali was well known for his boxing achievements but less recognized for the fact he was an outstanding mindset changemaker.  He once said “I hated every minute of training, but I said, ‘Don’t quit. Suffer now and live the rest of your life as a champion.”

Point is, most truly amazing achievements are fashioned from the building blocks of resolution, resilience, resourcefulness, and repetition.  Yes, every now and then some miracle of circumstances, luck, destiny or coincidence unfolds at the right place and the right time, for the right person – the story of St Joan of Arc, or the famous Christmas soccer game between English and German soldiers in amongst the first World War trenches  – come to mind.  But mostly, success and achievement are the fruit of dedication and hard work.  It takes many years to become an overnight success…

In these tumulus days of colossal disruptions to the life we know as individuals, families, organisations, and communities, the invitation is for us to transform our thinking, and take brilliant, out of the box, experimental yet informed action. How do you learn to surf like a master when you suddenly find yourself on the biggest systemic tsunami wave in memory?

Ultimately, whatever is the external theatre backdrop in your own life’s show, what will make the difference is how you handle, even rewrite, your internal narrative. Do you know how your mind works and how to tweak your resolution, upgrade your resilience, increase your resourcefulness and set up for a successful repetition? Crossing new horizons require new habits.

There is a difference between wanting incremental improvements at work and at home (relationships, finance, health etc.), and the complete and overarching process of pulling apart and then retooling/resourcing the way you see the world and how your thought processes work for you (as indeed more often, they do not).

Mindfulness-based Leadership Coaching aims to go to the source of your thinking and the core of your heart. All competent coaching is awesome – really helpful to focus, get an outsider’s view on limiting patterns of thinking and construct more robust mindsets for dealing with stress factors in your life.

This style of transformational coaching is different in the sense that it aims to go deeper than just ‘Bigger, Better, Richer, Faster’ versions of yourself.  It comes under the banner of ‘Leadership Coaching’ because the aim is to decipher and take decisive, even ambitious action as a Change-Maker: What really moves you to turn the world around?  What would you do if the only limitations of your vision are your habitual thinking patterns?  How can you make a lasting, positive and significant impact changing both your internal world and your environment?!  More importantly, how can you do so with ease and have lots of fun in the process?

Michael Bartura