Operating in Australia and globally

  • Connection to community, environmental conservation and yogic practices woven into conscious travel experiences.
  • In 2019 join Karmic Journeys in Byron Bay, Thailand or India, or customise one of your own journeys to your choice of location!

Karmic Journeys provide purposeful yoga travel journeys to understand culture and the natural state of our inner and outer environment, taking care not to alter the integrity of the ecosystem, while providing economic opportunities that benefit local people. They do their best to leave the land better than they found it. Karmic Journeys encourages education and awareness of ecological sustainability, regeneration and respect by bringing together like-hearted people, empowering a sense of connection to self, community and nature and inspiring profound transformation.

Do you enjoy travel and yoga? Have you wanted to go on a yoga retreat, but also wanted to give back to Mother Earth or humanity at the same time? Karmic Journeys is exactly that! Join Lauren and guest yoga teachers and speakers on expansive, transformative journeys around Australia and globally.

Karmic Journeys
Based in Byron Bay
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