Suffolk Park, Byron Bay and mobile treatment sessions

Paula combines two modalities – kinesiology and naturopathy – and other skills to unlock your truth. Her intention is to create a space in which together you can explore and ignite potentialities and possibilities so you can start getting excited about your life and see it for what it is, an experience for limitlessness.

Paula Wickham combines kinesiology and naturopathy and the latest technologies, particularly quantum healing and light therapy, to treat the root cause of issues. She is able to give her clients a reference point of health, empowerment and vitality so that they may transform their lives and become the true masters of their own reality.

During the sessions you will gain a greater sense of understanding, awareness and clarity. Once you release your old patterning and blocks, you will be able to step into the magnificence of who you really are. The challenge is to step out of fight or flight mode and clear any old stories we may be telling ourselves that are hindering us from reaching our full capabilities. This is where true alignment occurs, stepping into our sovereign self begins, removing these fears and reclaiming our true nature.

Paula also offers infrared sauna and ionic foot detox.

Paula Wickham, Limitless Kinesiology
10 Marratia Place, Suffolk Park
0413 192 424 [email protected]
 Limitless Kinesiology