Byron Bay

  • Subtle energy revitalisation.
  • Super oxygen saturation therapy.
  • Red light and near infra-red light therapy.
  • Anti-ageing technologies.
  • Quantum Uplift is the next evolution in wellness, vitality and performance enhancement.

Quantum physics has proven humans are both physical and energetic beings, which means you can use subtle energy to influence your health and vitality. This is the new paradigm in health called Quantum Healing.

Best described as a cellular rejuvenation and anti-ageing clinic, Quantum Uplift uses advanced health and wellness technologies to revitalise your mind, body and spirit. The therapies used include Tesla coils, electrodynamic energy (voltage), PEMF (Pulsed Electro Magnetic Fields), therapeutic Rife frequencies, super oxygen saturation therapy and photo biomodulation (light therapy). This revolutionary approach to health is something you are going to want to experience for yourself and then share with your friends.

Your first BioCharger session is free when you mention Byron Healing at time of booking.

Quantum Uplift
Unit 18, 1A Banksia Drive, Byron Bay Arts & Industry Estate
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