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‘Some mediums work with telepathy, getting information from the client’s own subconscious, and that is why they tell you what you want to hear. Others, like myself, work with the client’s Higher Guides in Spirit. I bypass any unconscious sabotage from the client. l tell you what you need to hear.’ – Rhonda

Rhonda is a gifted intuitive reader with many years’ experience. Her readings are presented in a counselling format and are grounded and heartfelt. Rich with guidance and empathy the reading provides information you need to hear for understanding and clarity. Things that previously seemed unclear and full of resistance become clearer. Rhonda gives you the understanding you require to heal the effects of events that have caused emotional, psychological and physical pain.

The information you receive through Rhonda enables you make beneficial choices as you have a deeper understanding of the facts and emotions at play, bringing affirmation, understanding and healing.

Rhonda’s Readings
02 6677 7517
Email contactable via website

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