Sandra Davey has been practising kinesiology for more than 18 years and holds multiple kinesiology qualifications. She has mentored students and spoken at professional kinesiology events. After working in allopathic medicine as a medical scientist and registered nurse, Sandra became passionate about kinesiology because its main aim is to get to the root cause of a problem.

Through her extensive experience and because she has trained in so many modalities of kinesiology, Sandra has helped many people clear issues by getting to the root cause of their problem.

Areas that she addresses are: clearing subconscious sabotages, learning and behavioural difficulties in children, reprogramming old patterns and beliefs, de-stressing, and restoring energy and physical health.

Kinesiology is a truly holistic therapy that addresses body, mind and spirit.

Please keep in mind that because of forward bookings, immediate appointments are not always available.

Sandra Davey
Level 5 registered Kinesiology practitioner
North Coast Kinesiology, 13 Dinjerra Place, Mullumbimby
02 6684 6914, 0403 125 506
[email protected]