Byron Shire

Sarah’s healing sessions are done both remotely and in person. She has international clientele spanning five continents, her music streams worldwide and her book Spirit Guidance is coming soon.
‘Completely blown away!’ ‘Truly extraordinary.’
‘You have an incredible gift.’ ‘Very powerful.’
‘I believe in miracles again!’ ‘You are the real deal!’

Sarah is a shamanic energy healer, artist and founder of Vision Weaving: the art of transformation. A Vision Weaving session is deeply healing and can be done distantly via Skype or in person. By tuning into your consciousness, shifting old patterns of discord, it brings clarity and guidance to areas in your life where you feel stuck or fragmented.

With Spirit Guidance we clear the patterns of mental interference and emotional stagnation in your energy field. The intention is always to align your body, mind and spirit so that the path to healing becomes crystal clear while receiving messages from your own spirit. This deep harmonic resonance in your being allows you to know, live and fulfil your highest purpose.

Sarah McLeod
Vision Weaving
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