Find the secret to wellbeing and you’ve surely found the modern-day Holy Grail of peace, happiness and health – but how often do our busy lives divert us in the wrong direction? Can making small changes really result in big outcomes and a stronger sense of what you really need? At Aura-Soma, we think so! Try our quick tips to increasing your overall wellbeing:

  1. Know ‘your happy’

With so much advice on what you should be doing to help you feel great, it’s easy to forget that you are the best person to know what really works for you. With a growing body of science to back up that little pockets of joy enhance both our energy and our wellbeing, why not give it a go? Whether it’s a meaningful conversation, a cat purring on your lap, or watching the rain hit the window panes with a cup of tea – you know deep down what restores you.

  1. Swap screen time for nature

Nature has a powerful way of focusing us to enjoy the present moment. Screen time on the other hand, can result in structural changes in the brain from decreased happiness levels, to higher agitation, trouble sleeping and issues concentrating. Of course, in today’s digital society, we can’t just swap screens for idyllic days out in the wilds, but small changes can have a significant impact on our stress levels and sleep quality.

  1. Think of others

With such busy lives, it’s easy to forget about others, although we may not be inherently selfish, it can mean we overlook when we otherwise might care, and miss out on the feel-good factor of going that extra mile for others.

  1. Feed your body happy

We’ve heard it before: you are what you eat! In the same way that we know what feeds our soul, we can also tune into what really feeds our body. Just as ‘no one size fits all’ and a yo-yo mentality of deprivation can leave us depleted, tuning in and eating consciously in a way that feeds our bodies and gives back to the earth can mean increased energy, health and mental clarity.

  1. Develop a regular wellbeing practice

Committing to a regular mind-body practice helps us realise our potential, calms our nervous system, reduces inflammation and boosts our emotional endurance – so what’s not to embrace?