Lachlan Cornell

I asked Shamanic Energy Healer, Sarah McLeod, a few questions regarding her practice. She is also the founder of an experience known as ‘Vision Weaving’ and has clients spanning across five continents.

What makes Shamanic Healing different from other forms of energy healing?

‘I call my work Shamanic energy healing because that is the closest thing I can get to describing an experience that defies description. Really, all of my learning has come from my own first-hand experiences of ritual, sacred ceremony and healing; and that means sitting at the feet of a great number of master healers and shamans – most of whom wish to remain anonymous so I can’t even wave their names around for bragging rights and good cred’. 

‘I recognised along the way, that in doing the work on myself and liberating my consciousness; that I now have a duty and obligation to share this knowledge with others. I have been able to heal from a tremendous amount of trauma and pain and in doing so, have transcended the identification of the victim story. Over the years I have gathered many sacred shamanic tools. The in-person sessions are a kaleidoscopic journey with all the whistles and bells that one might look for in a shamanic journey. Short of any recognised kind of ordination, I consider myself one that helps people to remember who they are as a spirit and reconnect to the divine’.

What is Vision Weaving and how did you come to be its founder?

‘People often ask me what vision weaving is and I have always struggled to define it. The name was actually birthed when a Vedic astrologer was completely baffled looking at my chart in my early 20’s and asked: “what is it that you actually do?” I laughed as I was hoping that he was going to help me figure that out and then the words just jumped out of my mouth “Vision Weaving”.

‘I am a vision weaver – a weaver of visions. I have Synesthesia, meaning I see a shapeshifting montage of imagery when I hear music and sounds’. 

Sarah explains that there are two types of visions. ‘There’s visions in the waking world – imagery, art, film, theatre, laughter, performance, music, dance are all tools in my kit. They can be woven together to demonstrate and deliver an energy transmission of healing whether it’s a workshop, theatre production or film to a larger audience.

And then there are the visions I see in my 1:1 private session – visions in the mind’s eye and the realm of the subconscious. Trauma, violations, disease – all present to me as patterns and forms in a person’s holographic energy field as I’m working with them’. 

‘I basically align my intention with prayer, hand myself over to Great Spirit, get my ego out of the way, so that I can bring the energy through in whatever way, shape or form it wishes to be expressed in the moment’.

‘So 30 years later the best I can offer is that Vision Weaving is a channel for all of the creativity, artworks and healing that wants to be birthed through me and there’s no end of projects that are bustling to come through! I’ve learned to release all attachment to which ones become manifest or when’.

What is involved in a healing session?

‘The description I offer for the healing sessions is this. A Vision Weaving session is a transformation of the mind, body and spirit. This work is about shining the light into the parts of your consciousness that are in shadow and finding pieces of the puzzle that have yet to be revealed to you. Your own spirit guides each session and reveals what is ready to be absolved and integrated as soul-life lessons’.

Due to the nature of Sarah’s early childhood life experience, she is able to see patterns and forms that have imprinted in your holographic energy field. 

‘With Spirit Guidance, we are weaving the threads behind the veil that create the fabric of your waking reality. Together we weave a vision of a life that is profoundly rich, deeply fulfilling and in alignment with your divinity. It also involves reconnecting you to your own spirit guidance, so that you can navigate the pathway forward with absolute clarity. By clearing the patterns of emotional stagnation and mental interference, the messages from your own spirit become crystal clear. Your spirit knows how to heal you’. 

Lachlan Cornell
Freelance Writer