Australia’s obesity epidemic

You would be forgiven not knowing Australia has an obesity problem, given the area we live in. But through all the açai bowls, soy lattes and vegan delicacies, there is a real problem. It is said that our obesity epidemic is so dire that is undermining expert attempt to reduce cardiovascular disease.

The psychology of New Years resolutions

Most new years resolutions fail. Research has shown that although resolutions made at the start of a new year are ten times more likely to be followed through, most of them still fail. But why? And how do we avoid this?

Can LSD increase productivity?

Lachlan Cornell Life can be exhausting. Most of us lead busy lives, trying to juggle 19 things at once – usually with little success. Even if you consider yourself a multi-tasking wizard, there are always ways to improve your productivity and efficiency. And LSD might just turn out to be one of the best ways. Researchers have been conducting experiments on the effectiveness of LSD microdosing. Initial reports highlight the

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Why my mum sees a psychic

Lachlan Cornell Rhonda is a gifted intuitive reader and medium practising from her home in the Tweed hinterland. I was trying to understand why someone would go and see someone like Rhonda, so I thought I’d ask someone who does go and see her.  That happens to be my mum.  Here is what she had to say: Why do you go to see Rhonda? To be honest, like you, I

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Take charge of stress and discover true emotional healing

  Aura-Soma Our top five steps Whether it’s that daily tension in your shoulders, the heart-pounding that just won’t stop, the work-life-kids juggle or just trying to find a parking space – stress can spike up and whittle us down so that before we know it, it’s become our new normal. But by incorporating Aura-Soma into our lives we can enjoy wellness and a greater sense of calm every day.

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Some like it hot, others like it cold

Lachlan Cornell In modern society, many people do not spend a lot of time outside. This reduces the potential influence of weather on their mental health. However, there’s no doubt that different people prefer different types of weather. And in turn, this can affect your mental health in the form of seasonal affective disorder (SAD). SAD Despite its symptoms having being mentioned in scientific literature in 1845, SAD didn’t acquire

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Dealing with anxiety

Lachlan Cornell Anxiety is very common, especially among younger people. Often people who experience anxiety are reluctant to seek support because they brush it off as nothing serious or don’t believe there is an issue. A survey of 1449 people, conducted by Beyond Blue, found that two out of five people who checked their symptoms using an anxiety screening checklist had experienced mild to severe anxiety in the previous two

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Hiking and mental health

Lachlan Cornell There’s now a growing body of research showing that group walks in nature have remarkable mental health benefits including easing depression, combating stress and boosting mental well-being. For some sufferers of depression, medication is still required to get them out of bed. But once up, a hike with friends can be the best medicine to support their recovery.   An expansive study, by the University of Michigan (USA) and Edge Hill

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Linking poor diet to major health issues

Lachlan Cornell The Australia Bureau of Statistics, released a report in December last year, stating that more than two-thirds of Australians are now overweight or obese. In light of this, NobleOak surveyed 1000 Australian adults to gauge eating habits and nutrition awareness. The research reveals that people spend 32% of their weekly food budget on fast food and are not fully aware of the health risks of a poor diet.

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Does camping improve mental health?

Lachlan Cornell Often when we think of self-healing, we either seek professional help or drastically change our routine. Both are admirable and effective. However, there is a way to elevate your mental health and wellbeing that disguises itself as a leisurely activity. Camping. Camping is a great way to cut us off from some of the usual suspects of our mental health issues – namely FOMO (fear of missing out),

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Is health the main motivation for weight loss?

Lachlan Cornell Two-thirds of the adult Australian population are overweight or obese. Weight loss is a topic that covers two areas of health that are equally important. Firstly the obvious, physical health. “Obesity is a major contributor to many chronic diseases and symptoms – around four out of five people who reported conditions such as diabetes, pre-diabetes and sleep apnoea were classified as obese,” Dr Hendrie said. Secondly, mental health.

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Netflix and mental health

Lachlan Cornell Do movies and video games affect your child’s mental health? It’s been a common question raised since children have had access to movies and video games from such a young age. The simple answer is, yes they do. With Netflix having 139 million subscribers and reaching the eyes of much more than that, their accessibility to endless TV shows is dangerous. The ability to binge-watch TV shows seems

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10 Tips to Stay Healthy This Winter

True health is a balance of mind, body and spirit. Ancient wisdom and modern science offer us a wealth of ways to support our holistic well being. It’s this balance that keeps us mentally, emotionally and physically healthy, allowing us to be the best version of ourselves. Try a few or all of these ideas over the winter season to see which ones work for you. 1. Take a bath

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