Lachlan Cornell

For thousands of years, human beings have been trying to rid their bodies of perceived toxins. Native Americans have long used various forms of ritual cleansing and purification, such as the sauna-like sweat lodge.


Harvard Health says ‘Today’s renewed interest in self-administered detoxification reflects concern about a variety of things, such as emerging pathogens, lead in toys, mercury in fish, smog in the air, pollutants in rivers and lakes, tainted beef, pharmaceuticals in the water supply, and synthetic chemicals with unknown properties’.

But the question is do all the different detox practises solve the problems listed above? The truth is there are studies on both sides that have points for and against detox. Harvard Health goes into deeper detail in this article from 2008.

Balance not detox

In my experience detox is being used for the wrong reasons. Lots of people don’t have a balanced diet and don’t get enough exercise and then detox once every two months and think they are a new person. Detox spas and treatments are a wonderful, cleansing and relaxing thing but if you are using them as a substitute for a balanced diet, exercise and lots of water then that is unhealthy and unsustainable.

Our body’s resilience

We as humans don’t even understand the healing ability of our body as well as why we can breathe without thinking and why our heart beats without having to think about it. Our bodies are very resilient against most environmental factors as well as a little overindulgence. But they are only this resilient if we treat them with respect and give them the right nutrients.

The bottom line

I guess the ultimate goal would to have a healthy lifestyle and then treat yourself and your body to a detox spa once a month for that extra cleanse and relaxation you may need. And the Byron Shire is the perfect place to find one. We have a number of fantastic detox spas and detox retreats listed here on Byron Healing.

Lachlan Cornell
Freelance Writer