Byron Healing spoke to Turquoise Coleman, an internationally acclaimed holistic beautician, Reiki Master, Temple dancer and Transformational practitioner about her life and work.

How did you come to be where you are?

It’s been 20years since I did beauty training in Lismore and created my own style of beauty sessions. I studied H’aute Couture in Canada, worked in wardrobe in Hollywood and worked as a fashion stylist and wardrobe for magazines and music Videos, ‘Like Pleasure and Pain with the late great Aussie Music icon Chrissy Amphlett from The Divinyls.

I was born with the gift of touch. My mother left my sister and me in a Pentecostal Boarding school in Jamaica whilst she went to the UK to work and give us a better life. I was 7 and my sister 5. It was in that spiritual environment that I learned to be of service to others.

I was a devout Christian at that stage and I had a strong desire to help others to feel better. They said I had a healing touch so I was always called upon to massage the matrons when they felt pain etc. It’s not surprising that I created what was arguably the first Day Spa sessions in Australia by combining inner wellbeing and new-age techniques in a beauty package which was in true Byron style.

Word got out and the founder of Lonely Planet came to see me, he heard about my use of Australian Native plants in healing. He had a session and wrote about the experience calling it ‘One of the top 50 healthiest things to do in the world”. The article was published in British Airways inflight magazine and numerous other publications including the Northern Star. What followed was a second article with the Sydney Morning.

We were easy to find back in the Byron Bubble days. I remember a guy from the UK said he had been to Byron looking for me for a couple of years …lol

No Internet then and I was very shy about self-promoting. It wasn’t the Byron way.

I had a sense there was more to beauty so I drew from my ancient Jamaican rhythms and dance culture to create Venus Temple Dance for women; a bit like Zumba but slower and sensual goddess Temple Dance now called Goddess Moves. Couples can do it as well.

I had previously studied Qigong with a Master in the Blue Mountains and from that created the Cup of Venus something quite unique for women.

In 2003 my daughter wanted to continue high school in Melbourne and begin her acting career at 15!  We lived in Elwood.

One night I had a dream of a symbol during a tormented sleep, resulting from a broken heart. I was ‘told’ the symbol was part of something else but it wasn’t until my return to Byron in 2016 that I got the guidance that it was actually a breath technique; the I Am Breath. I started practising it and got so energised it heightened my energy and people seemed to be drawn to me even more than usual.

I trained in Tantric spirituality and breath work in Melbourne, in fact during Shakti pat (spiritual transmission), I was given my spiritual name, DEVATMASHAKTI!

The I am Breath is tantric and it’s connected to other breaths but its unique.  I Am is experienced in the sound and I’ve seen some wonderful healing results.

Of all the things that I do, The Breath is the most powerful. We know breath is life and everything comes after breath so it’s the most important of anything that I do.

The breath completes the work that started 20 years ago, and now I’m writing a book about the Phi – Code which is activated by the I am Breath; so that’s basically it. I hope you will read the book!

What main areas does the work you do touch on? 

Healing sessions and techniques, holistic beauty ritual and massage, Goddess Activation Dance, Tantric breath and Bonding Rituals: to harmonise the sense, empower and nurture the soul, and connect to the wholeness of life – for men, women and couples.

  • Transform emotions and connect to Universal energy
  • Harmonise & magnetise love energy to feel special and empowered
  • Connect with the soul’s inner desires and bring it into awareness for manifesting.
  • Non-sexual Activation of sacred pathways to ecstatic love for couples

I know your clients would all be unique but is there something they have in common that draws them to work with you?

Single and married women in Their Goddess Years 45 + who want to feel sexually relevant and empowered with inner confidence and magnetic feminine energy.

  • Couples who want to open the Tantric gateways for deeper more sacred connections to heal, balance and deepen their experiences together. Sessions are non-sexual.
  • Singles who want to attract a partner.

What has been the most rewarding aspect of your work?

Seeing the results and discovering more.

What are the greatest challenges?

My greatest challenges are

  • The business aspects, re-establishing myself after being away from Byron for so many years.
  • Managing the various aspects of my business. I’m currently writing a book, developing products and retreats. I love media but I find it daunting getting Social Media stuff started.
  • I also want to start a Vlog. My voice is quite good and it will get the point across better, it’s just getting started.