Byron Bay,

  • Sessions, festivals and retreats.
  • Working with trauma allows us to become deeply aware of ourselves once released we can feel our natural state of being again of connection and joy.
  • Tantra is the practice of energetic, sexual and spiritual states that can lead us straight into our centre or ‘core’ or ‘heart’. Love, ecstasy and peace reside here.

Marion Ellyard and Ron van Tuwiver started the Taste of Love Tantra School about five years ago. Following their own conscious healing and relating path, their wish is to share this with others. They have created what is today a vibrant meeting place and a community for many.

From session work for couples and singles, to week-long retreats, and Australia’s biggest annual Tantra festival – the Taste of Love Festival, a life-changing journey has begun for many.

The Taste of Love Festival and individual sessions are offered here in the Byron Shire.

‘This work took me into deeper parts of myself than I could have ever imagined.’ – Heidi

Taste of Love Tantra School
Taste of Love Festival
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