Byron Bay, Mullumbimby,
USA, Europe

  • Self-inquiry guided by Gangaji and Eli Jaxon-Bear.
  • Waking up from the personal trance of suffering through the teachings of the Enneagram.
  • Offering courses and personal mentoring for awakening from egoic suffering, and learning the skills to assist and guide others in their awakening.

Gangaji and Eli bring to us the skill of deep self inquiry, in the lineage of Sri Ramana Maharshi and Papaji (Sri H.W.L. Poonja). They support this through public meetings, retreats and the teachings of the Enneagram in person in Byron Bay once a year.

Eli also has founded the Leela School, which offers courses and personal mentoring with local and international teachers and mentors throughout the year. The school’s commitment is to train its students in a compassionate and heart-based manner. Students will be supported in waking up from egoic identification, and discovering endlessly deeper depths of the self.

Leela School teachers exhibit the depth and the skills that they will offer to you. Their unique combination of skills and insights into the structure of ego and suffering will support you in fulfilling your highest potential in whatever you do in the world, and as a helping professional.

Retreats are held in Mullumbimby and Byron Bay

The Leela Foundation
with the teachings of Gangaji, Eli Jaxon-Bear and the Leela School
0406 081 790