Towel Challenge stroke survivors and carers

The Stroke Foundation is well on the way to its $77,000 goal with over $40,000 raised so far in the Towel Challenge.

Anyone can get involved by donating or buying a calendar from the Towel Challenge website. Or if you want to take it a step further, get someone to take a photo of you wearing nothing but a towel (how you wear it is up to you), then post the pic on Instagram in black and white with #towelchallenge.

All funds raised will contribute to stroke research. Nominate your friends and family to join the challenge!

One in four

Stroke Foundation CEO Sharon McGowan says stroke is a potentially devastating disease that strikes the brain, and can change lives in an instant. ‘One in four people people will have a stroke in their lifetime globally and there is one stroke in Australia every nine minutes,’ she said.

Although there’s a common misconception that strokes only happen to the elderly, people of any age can experience stroke, and the prevalence of stroke is growing each year.

‘Most people’s lives have been touched by a stroke,’ said Ms McGowan. ‘Whether that be personally or via a family member, friend or colleague. I am grateful the Towel Challenge is boosting awareness of stroke by starting a conversation and inspiring people to share their personal stories.

‘The funds raised through this campaign could lead to medical breakthroughs that save lives and benefit generations to come,’ she said.


The challenge was the brainchild of Australian Survivor All-Stars Lee Carseldine and David Genat, who was already famous for posing in a towel for the #goldentowelchallenge.

For Mr Carseldine the cause is very personal. As Sharon McGowan explained, ‘his mother passed away last year while he was filming Australian Survivor All Stars and his father had a stroke 13 years ago and requires ongoing care.’

Ms McGowan continued: ‘I commend Lee for his determination to turn his personal tragedy into something positive by shining the spotlight on stroke with the help of his castmates – and now the greater community.’

Get your towel on for a good cause

Sharon McGowan said she’s been overwhelmed by the support for the Towel Challenge. ‘The posts and images I have seen, from people of all ages, have been both heart-wrenching and uplifting.

‘The wonderful thing about this campaign is you can join in at home,’ Ms McGowan said. ‘All you need is a towel, your phone and your imagination!’

David Genat and Lee Carseldine – Towel Challenge for Stroke Foundation