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‘Within only two to three days my extreme resting pulse of 150+ began to finally decrease, and my very low blood pressure raised. After a couple of weeks, still without the use of six different medications any more, I was also able to breathe and sleep at ease, and had energy for life again!’ – Gerhard

Trained at the International School of Regenerative Detoxification, Trent has experience helping people heal from a wide range of problems around the world. He completely trusts the amazing intelligence of nature and the human body as the true healers, and works with the scientific chemistry and physics in our world, along with energy healing when desired.

Trent doesn’t believe in the word or world of ‘diseases’ or normal symptom treating, but instead recognises the deeper root causes that are systemic in everyone. By understanding the secret workings of the lymphatic system he is able to simply guide you through systematically cleaning your body from head to toe, to achieve lasting regeneration and actual healing beyond what is usually thought possible. Expect to see wonders! He looks forward to talking with you and sharing the hope that is always here for everyone, no matter what you or someone you know is suffering from right now.

Trent Pfisterer, Regenerative Detoxification Specialist
Int. School of Regenerative Detoxification,
Bach. App. Science (Phys. Ed)(Secondary), Dip. Ed.
0478 922 389
[email protected]
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