Byron Bay

  • Restore, re-align and relax with the nourishment of reiki, crystals and sound.
  • Individually tailored sessions combining reiki, sound, shells and crystal therapy.
  • Sessions focus on the integration of natural healing energies from crystals and shells, relaxation with sound therapy and energetic rejuvenation with reiki.

Having previously worked as a mechanical engineer, Ace Baldwin felt the calling to energy work and embarked on a journey of self-discovery and embraced holistic health remedies.

A relaxation and rejuvenation session includes the nourishing influence of crystals and shells, sound instruments and reiki. Session times can be varied depending on the client’s needs and are focused on rebalancing the body’s natural energy systems. Ace has studied the healing properties of crystals and shells and incorporates numerous varieties during the session from her large collection. Sound therapy incorporates various instruments to achieve deep relaxation while reiki rejuvenates the body’s energy systems.

Ionic foot detox and gold face masks are also available.

Tulip Connection
Ace Baldwin
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