Lin Bell

Next in our series about local practitioners who are maintaining their practices online at this time of isolation is Lin Bell, a healer and intuitive with many years experience across a range of healing modalities.

Healing from a distance

Lin Bell describes herself as a shamanic healer, intuitive and one of Byron Bay’s most experienced kinesiologists. She says kinesiology is the science of tapping into the body’s energy pathways (meridians) which connect organs, tissues, and send messages to and from the brain.

Lin combines knowledge of kinesiology with her other skills to assist clients to face areas such as self-doubt, shame, guilt, blame, fear and giving up.

She looks for patterns adopted from parents, peers and ancestors to find out what motivates clients and how they self-sabotage.

As Lin puts it, ‘I support you to transform your beliefs though acceptance and sourcing the richness of your inner self.’


Currently Lin is offering Skype, FaceTime and distance healings as a substitute for in-person sessions. Although personal touch is not an option now, she says she can surrogate for kinesiology sessions (she calls this virtual version kiniji) with great results.

‘I’ve been doing this online for a few years now with accurate information coming through,’ says Lin.

‘My 38 years as a trained health practitioner and kinesiologist differentiates me,’ she says. ‘Clients say they’ve worked on such a deep level and that is what has allowed them to make powerful, positive and lasting shifts in a short time.

‘I work with clients locally and globally, regularly witnessing them experience profound changes within one session.’

Other modalities and experiences

In addition to kiniji, Lin Bell also offers spiritual healing online, over the phone or distance. Intuitive Tarot readings can be done via Skype, phone or email. Workplace conflict resolution is another area where she can help.

Lin hopes to return to running regular workshops and rereats to sacred places around the world once COVID-19 is contained and movement restrictions are lifted.

‘Stay safe, be mindful of yours and others health,’ she suggests. ‘Use this time to listen to and come to rest in your heart.’

You can find the latest information about Lin Bell’s practice at her website.