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Growing your own veggies has a multitude of benefits not only for yourself but for the environment as well. Despite Australia having one of the highest minimum wages, we constantly hear about the struggling ‘Aussie battler’. Growing your own fruit and vegetables as well as participating in community garden projects is a simple solution to saving some money on your weekly grocery bill.

A guide to growing your own food

One of the biggest hindrances to edible home gardening is the perceived difficulty level. However, it’s undeniable that there is a high level of satisfaction in growing your own food – and it’s not that difficult either. Perhaps the most simple way to get started is to plant your own fruit tree. If you’re overwhelmed with choice and are worried about picking the right one, just visit your local nursery and they will be able to give you all the advice you need. I’d say a close second to planting a fruit tree is starting your own worm farm. Worm farms are simple to create and are the perfect solution to all your kitchen waste. It will supply you with a steady amount of natural fertiliser and soon your garden and kitchen will be in a harmonious cycle.

Community gardens

Community gardens can also mitigate some of the problems that plague urban areas. They can be a beneficial addition to many communities by increasing the availability of nutritious foods, strengthening community ties, reducing environmental hazards, reducing food miles and creating a more sustainable system. Mullumbimby, Lismore, Ballina & Lennox Head all have community gardens. The address for each can be found below.

Social ties are important to the wellbeing of people in a community since they can bring positive health effects and community involvement. Community gardens allow for the creation of social ties and build a greater feeling of community. These connections help reduce crime, empower residents and allow residents to feel safe in their neighbourhoods.

Rural Australia

Rural Australia is has been going through a particularly tough time over the past couple of years. Fires, droughts, floods and other natural disasters. And the mental health of rural Australia’s residents if often overlooked by the rest of us despite a number of great organisations like the Centre for Rural & Remote Mental Health. Social ties form community gardens go beyond positive effects on the community as a whole – they can significantly improve each individual’s mental health.

Community garden addressees

Mullumbimby: Stuart St, Mullumbimby
Lismore: 50 Brewster St, Lismore
Ballina: Corner of Clarence Street & Swift Street, Ballina
Lennox Head: Ocean Breeze Reserve, Ocean Breeze Dr, Lennox Head

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