Lachlan Cornell

Attunement Therapy is a modern healing modality founded on some of the most ancient biological principles relevant to human physical and emotional health. It’s been developed over 14 years by Tristan Bray right here in the Byron Shire!

‘Evolution has wired us to be physically connected with other people on a regular basis to maintain a healthy body, to de-stress and to heal’ Tristan says. Attunement Therapy is based on Child Brain Development Neuro-Science, Cell Biology, Epigenetics, Quantum Healing and Meditation.

Never heard of it?

One of the reasons you may not have heard of it is that it’s only been around for a year so. Tristan Bray created Attunement Therapy and he teaches and certifies Attunement Therapy practitioners in Australia and New Zealand and will be taking it to the USA in November.

Like with all new modalities, there is always scepticism, confusion mixed with intrigue. Tristan says ‘most of the confusion about what it is, comes mostly from people of the older ‘baby-boomer’ generation who were exposed to less physical attunement with their parents due to large family size and toxic parenting practices such as ‘controlled crying’. Many older people suffer from ‘touch isolation’ which means they don’t have access to regular healthy platonic touch’.

Why attunement therapy?

The human body is wired for connection. So many of us suffer from a wide range of physiological health issues that can be directly related to a lack of touch in our life and the subsequent stress hormone release this disconnection creates.

This healing modality is radical because it bypasses a lot of the fear and regulation inside the mainstream therapy, psychology and counselling circles which prevent healthy touch (which is very effective for issues such as suicide prevention, self-harm, depression and drug withdrawal.

Tristan has set up his own independent regulatory body made up of counselling and medical professionals – The Attunement Therapy Board of Ethics. You can read more about this on his website.

So, what happens?

Tristan explains the process and psychology behind a session of Attunement therapy. ‘It’s simple. You go to a therapist. They hold you and listen to their heartbeat for 90 minutes. This puts your mind and body into a deep state of relaxation (being held in this way is the opposite of stress). And furthermore, this process initiates an automatic healing function in the body. Where emotion can be released and things like immunity and digestion can be improved. It’s about balancing the nervous system by allowing the client to feel very very safe. It works in a similar way to cranial sacral but is far easier to learn’.

Tristan has noted that the Attunement Therapy Technique ‘has been getting incredible results with those suffering from physical or sexual abuse trauma, those trying to withdraw from drugs or medication and for orphans who were separated from their mothers shortly after birth’.

Lachlan Cornell,
Freelance Writer