When it comes to dentistry, choosing a traditional approach or a holistic one can be confusing. Sometimes called biocompatible dentistry, holistic practises offer an alternative to traditional dentistry methods. Although both traditional and holistic methods focus on the link between oral health and our overall wellbeing, holistic dental takes a more overall approach.

What should I expect?

Holistic dentists have the same training as regular dentists but can also incorporate other skills to treat their patients. Probably the most talked-about difference is holistic dentists’ rejection of mercury-based on amalgam fillings. Holistic dentists will check the biocompatibility of their materials before using them on a patient. This also helps patients be more informed about what is being done to their body and what materials will be used in their procedures. Aiming to keep our overall health at its optimum level, holistic dentists may touch on nutritional and environmental elements that may directly affect our lives and our teeth.


Just like any other alternative wellness modality, holistic dentistry is fraught with sceptics. And for good reason. The health & wellness industry is full of unsavoury people but the focus shouldn’t be on the practice, it should be on the practitioner. Any holistic practice, not just holistic dental, is there to increase your quality of life, not steal your money. Scepticism can be overcome by simply by getting a referral from someone you trust and giving it a go. If it’s the same training and the only difference is they use biocompatible materials, the worst that’s going to happen is you’re going to have clean teeth and a bright smile. I don’t personally use a holistic dentist but there is a dark cloud over alternative wellness that needs to be spoken about.

What the practitioners have to say

Dr Jon Veranese & Dr Maria Florou are both qualified dentists and both run their respective holistic practises in the local area.

Dr Jon says ‘Holistic in my practice, takes into account the whole body in the context of healing, how the impact and relationship of the health of the mouth (teeth, gums, and jaw) impacts on the health of the body, and the health of the body impacts on oral health’.

Dr Maria, at Casuarina Holistic Dental, explains what she believes holistic dental is and why she is so passionate about it. ‘As a Holistic and Family orientated practice, we understand that the mouth is not separated from the rest of the body.  In fact, the mouth is the gateway through which every organ is nourished and sustained.  It is not surprising then that problems with your teeth and gums, as well as, bacteria, toxins and chemicals present in the mouth, have the potential to affect other parts of the body and vice-versa’. 

This article was written by freelance writer, Lachlan Cornell